The Death of Cattelan, Mixed media on paper, 2011, 16 pages: the complete work in South, the magazine of Documenta 14

The narrator tells of his wife’s disappearance and Maurizio Cattelan’s demise, while they were set to preview an art project realized in a Pygmy village in Congo. The story is told by circling letters in texts culled from different sources, from books to news items published as the work was made, and so, the reader encounters two different narratives on each page. A change of the circles’ color indicates a new word.


Roee Rosen, “Towards the Work Hilarious, Former Cases of Dysfunctional Humor,” Published in:
(Spanish and English), Constelaciones De Lenguaje, a reader edited by Eduardo Thomas to accompany the Injerto section of Ambulante Film Festival in Mexico (2011) .

“Confession,” Mafte'akh, Lexical Review of Political Thought
A text delivered as part of the political dictionary forum, Minerva Institute, The Tel Aviv University, 2010