The Blind Merchant, 1989 – 1991

The Blind Merchant consists of three elements: the complete text of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, a “Parasitical” text responding to the play, and 145 drawings. 

In the book, the Shakespearean text is framed on the left page by the artist’s text, while the drawings appear on the right page. The parasitical text not only adopts Shlock’s viewpoint, but also provides a prologue to the play, and a history to Shylock: before becoming a usurer, Shylock was a glass merchant until a pogrom-like incident during which his wife was raped and murder, and his eyes were gouged. Thus, all the drawings depicting scenes in which Shylock is present on stage are blind drawings, executed with closed eyes.  

The Blind Merchant, images from the Prologue and Act I.

The Blind Merchant, images from Acts II and III.

The Blind Merchant, images from Acts IV and V.

Installation and Double-spreads views, Documenta 14, Grimmwelt, Kassel