Live and Die as Eva Braun


Live and Die consists of 66 works on paper and a text in ten segments. Addressing the viewer as a potential client, the text promises and describes the ultimate entertainment experience: becoming Hitler’s lover during the last days of the war, experiencing intimacy with the dictator, the suicide and a short trip to hell. The project is realized as both an installation and an artist book.

Live and Die stirred a scandal when first exhibited at the Israel Museum. Members of the right-wing religious MAFDAL party and secular conservatives demanded its removal. Live and Die was later recognized as groundbreaking in its approach to the representation of the holocaust, and was exhibited in Berlin,New York, WarsawLondon and in Athens, as part of Documenta 14. Linda Nochlin wrote in Artforum: “…The experience of Live and Die, both textual and visual, is unforgettable, like nothing else.”

Installation shots, Documenta 14, Benaki Museum, Athens

Photos by Stathis Mamalakis